Lucky News & Grocery


Some minds are palaces with memories hung among elaborate rafters. Mine is a bodega. My first kiss is stashed somewhere near the paper towels. The summer I broke my wrist is balanced atop the ATM, and the day I met my husband is in a cooler behind the 40’s. Emotionally cluttered and overflowing with personal nostalgia, this corner store of self, on a macro level, serves as a personal narrative writ large. Within Lucky News & Grocery you’ll find the disposable objects and ephemeral moments that have made up the backdrop of my adult life. Among these works are my two graphic narratives, Authentic Baby and Mindful Escapism, both of which reflect my experiences and perspectives as a young woman navigating a late-20th century world, focusing on the formative moments and decisions that stick with us as we grow.

Lucky News & Grocery is a happy place, but if you look closely you’ll find painful memories, cynicism, and moments of ennui — it is who I am, and I don't regret a thing.

Part art installation, part pop-up shop, and part performance, Lucky News & Grocery was installed in Riggs Leidy Gallery as a component of the MFA Illustration Practice Grad Show at Maryland Institute College of Art. If you are interested in the Lucky News & Grocery installation for your space please get in touch!

You can purchase the products from this project on my shop!


Authentic Baby & Mindful Escapism

These two graphic novellas provided the foundation of my thesis, depicting a world that was part personal narrative, part fiction. What tied the space on the page and the gallery environment together was the Lucky News & Grocery bodega that appears in both comics, and was created for the installation.

Read more about Authentic Baby here.
Read more about Mindful Escapism here.


Illustrated Brand

The Lucky News & Grocery that created a cohesive feel to the different products and stories, helping to create a more complete overarching narrative.


Pretty Trashy

This newspaper zine contains spreads of collaged traditional media illustrations drawn from photographs of garbage on the streets of New York that my friends would send me.


Lucky Enamel Pin


Hot Garbage Air Freshener


Wist & Ennui Vitamin Packs

MFA Thesis book documenting my process and thoughts throughout the making of this project: