Bark & Co

Bark & Co 2013 - Present

Bark & Co is responsible for fabulous products and services catering to dogs and their humans, through BarkBox, BarkShop, BarkPost, and more. In addition to the toys and treats for pups, print and product design materials are put together for the humans, reflecting the Bark & Co vibe.

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BarkBox Paper

On BarkBox delivery day, every pooch's tail gets wagging for new goodies. These giftcards and postcards give puppy parents some (fun) fine print to read on behalf of their less literate four-legged friends.

Pitbull Flower Power

Pitbulls are a misunderstood breed and often passed over for adoption at shelters. For this project BarkGood and BarkBox teamed up with photographer Sophie Gamand, who has framed the breed in a different light with her photo series of pretty pits with floral crowns. This flower crown printout that I designed and illustrated prompted other dog parents to support the #pitbullflowerpower cause and spread awareness through their own social media outlets.

Seamless Animation

Bark & Co is nothing if not lively, and sometimes the best way to express that is through animation! By pairing animated doodle elements with fun photographs and static elements, file sizes are small enough to embed adding pop without sacrificing load time.

BarkPost & PuppyFeed

Under the Bark & Co umbrella, BarkPost is the online source for all your puppy gif, furball meme, and doggy news needs. BarkPost web designs are flat, playful, and clean, allowing the important stuff - like pictures of dogs in bowties - to take center stage.

PuppyFeed is a BarkPost subdomain I designed that provides a minimal aggregation of puppy pics posted to social media.

Bark Bike

The BarkBike is a mobile treat-delivery, pooch-elating, 3-wheeled Bark & Co pop-up rolling around NYC! With treats for pups and their parents, I designed this conversation-starter to be fun and bold with messaging that's still legible in motion.

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