Blunderbuss Illustration

Blunderbuss Magazine 2013 - Present

Illustrations drawn for and published by Blunderbuss Magazine.

"We are Blunderbuss Magazine, a web magazine of arts, culture, and politics, an ordnance of fire and improvisation. What ties together these essays, stories, poems, photographs, comics, and other bits of aesthetic shrapnel is a common attitude of visceral humanism. We aim for earnest noise. We want to splash in the mud of lived experience, to battle for a radical empathy, and to provide a megaphone to howling assertions of human subjectivity."

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Blunderbuss Tote

This tote was designed for Blunderbuss Magazine during their IndieGoGo campaign as a supporter perk. Why tell people you love to read, when you can ooze it?

Editorial Illustration

Step 9

Poem by Nicole Callihan
December 18, 2014
"...Even the men in the bar at TGI Fridays knew what foxes do to toddlers. It takes insight, courage and dedication to make such amends..."

Editorial Illustration

Retired Architecture

Poem by Zuzanna Juszkiewicz
October 7, 2014
"...the gold | clammy silken | walls of | the fountain | a central round portal in | some fortress that needs | a fountain..."

Editorial Illustration

The Book Of Consolation

Short Story by Catherine Tudish
March 28, 2013
"...Leaving Whitcomb’s Store with two cans of evaporated milk and a jar of nutmeg, Marian sinks into the seat of her car and sits there, pondering Arthur Hill’s stricken face..."

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