One Sky

Women Who Draw / TOPIC 2017

I was invited to participate by adding my piece of sky to this worldwide collaborative project. I drew the clouds that stretched out over the Catskill mountains as we drove home after a dreamy weekend.

“On August 13, 2017, at precisely 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, 88 artists all over the world stopped what they were doing, looked up, and drew the sky. What each artist saw was unique to the time, the weather, and the place. The locations ranged from Tel Aviv to Brooklyn, Buenos Aires to rural Georgia. Some saw different hues of blue. Some saw black, pink, or gray. Some saw stars or clouds or fog or rain. Here it was summer. There it was night. In one place a fire left a heavy brown haze. Whatever sky the artist saw, they captured it on paper in their own unique style. They were, at that exact moment, separate skies. But when we view these drawings together, they become one far-stretching, simultaneous world view. They become a portrait of one shared sky.”

—Wendy MacNaughton and Julia Rothman, co-founders of Women Who Draw

See the whole project here.

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