Protest Posters

Women’s March on Washington and sister marches worldwide 2017

A week before the Women’s March on Washington I sat down to make myself a protest poster. There were so many things I was enraged about, it was difficult to boil these emotions down into a single image or slogan. I decided to engage the public by opening 10 commission slots for free posters with their desired messages. What resulted over the course of a week was this series of illustrations, and a newfound drive to use my work to be an agent of change. These ten posters were printed and carried by women at marches in Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, New York City, Washington D.C., and Barcelona. I was amazed to see the reach of my work, and was proud to be so many places at once. Download a free poster here for your own use.

“Viva La Mujer” is an American Illustration 36 winner, selected to be included in the print book.

“We March Together” won a 2017 Silver Award of Excellence from the Society of Illustrators in the MoCCa single image category.

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